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Our Story

Nadalie History

Tonnellerie Nadalié boasts a rich tradition and mastery in the art of barrel-making. Spanning five generations, the company is among the most highly regarded family owned cooperages in the world.

Founded in Montpellier, France in 1902, the operations were moved to Ludon Medoc in the 1930’s to benefit from the moist climate and proximity to the ocean in the drying process. Today, Tonnellerie.

Today, Tonnellerie Nadalié has a worldwide presence with production facilities located in France, Australia, California and Chile.

Innovation, Diversity, Experience Based on Time-Honored Practices

Nadalie produces and markets wine barrels throughout the world. Meticulous workmanship and traditional French know-how go into hand-crafted barrels using American, French and eastern European oak. The direction, composition and manufacture of the Nadalié oak products line are defined collectively by three cooperages.

1. Tonnellerie Nadalie

Located at Ludon-Medoc, Bordeaux, has been manufacturing oak barrels for more than 100 years, maintaining a tradition of fine craftsmanship spanning four generations of Nadalie family coopers.

2. Tonnellerie Marsannay

The boutique cooperage at Marsannay in the burgundy region, Tonnellerie Marsannay combines the best in traditional coopering, knowledge of winemaking, and the perspective of a new generation of artisans.

3. Nadalie USA

Established in the Napa Valley in 1980, Nadalie USA is ideally situated to provide winemakers from around the world cooperage products incorporating the best in traditional French coopering using American oak.

Superior quality control…

By owning the facilities in France, Chile and the United States, Nadalie offers not only superior quality control but also the ability to manufacture custom-made products to your specifications.

Nadalie has established strict production parameters to control all its processes including milling, splitting, seasoning, grain selection and production.

French CTB (Centre Technique du Bois) inspections and certification ensure integrity of source of oak, traditional barrel making methods and aging of planks.

Nadalie’s intricate traceability system ensures Nadalie can guarantee the origin of the wood used to make barrels from the forest to the cask.


FCBA (L’Institut Technologique Forêt Cellulose Bois construction Ameublement)

– Nadalié is one of only a few cooperages that can boast French FCBA certification.

– This label of quality, requiring stringent and frequent inspections by the FCBA, recognizes the high quality level of our products.


HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points)

– HACCP Certificate certified by APAVE SUDEUROPE

– Certificate of food safety and safety leaflet

– Physio-chemical analyses

Our logo represents the historical “gabarre” that carried wood from the forests to the Bordeaux cooperages

and returned with barrels for the wineries.